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Rosalie, one inch taller, had hair just like her mother, long and light. In some ways she seemed the most out of place in that house. Whereas Alice was the opposite, she had more of her father's coloring. Copper brown hair that was always a mess, no matter how hard Rosalie tried to tame it..

“You better be careful,” exclaimed Judy Norman, “She caught me taking one measly apple from her tree, and I got a spanking in the back yard with my panties pulled down. And she did it in front of all my friends!” After picking up his room, taking out the trash, and doing morning dishes, Billy was, at last, free to go.. If yes, then you have come to the right place. I - Theda Brooks - am an experienced and professional disciplinarian who prides herself on providing life-changing spanking services. My disciplinarian services are therapeutic not only because I know what I am exactly doing but also because I tailor my sessions according to my client's.

The child continued his steady pleading, but his governess had him firmly by the elbow and had pulled him so that he stood facing her. She seated herself on the chaise, put the spanking strap down at her side, and busied her fingers with the numerous buttons on his tight shorts. Jeremy was fighting her fingers and pulling away from her..

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Jul 18, 2019 · Remembering my governess’ caring for me in a similar way, I felt contained and well guided on her lap, in spite of the pain. It got stronger and stronger . . . and finally it happened. It was like an unavoidable embarrassing explosion. And that became a flame which inspired all my future life. Contributor: Matz.

The Governess clearly has some fascination with Miss Jessel, she seems to be somewhat of an evil twin to the Governess. Unlike the Governess, Jessel is the woman who acts upon her desires, but suffers the consequences. In this picture, the mannequins are arranged in a scarily uniform matter, with one bald and looking in the wrong direction..

A virtuous young Christian lady who loves using her firm hand to spank the bare bottom of a naughty boy. This virtuous young Christian lady takes great pride in teaching good Christian values, and maintianing strict discipline with the church paddle. They love witnessing a naughty boy's bare bottom spanking in church.

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